Picking the best dating site isn’t easy. We looked far and wide to give you all the information you need to make your decision. Learn how different dating sites work, and then decide if you’d like to join.

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Ranking and Reviews

We provide reviews and testimonials for the best dating sites of 2020. Each dating site is reviewed by our team of experts. They will provide you with all the information you need to decide if a site is the right fit for you. Our reviews look into different aspects of every dating site in detail, and determine overall quality of features, as well as user satisfaction. We also describe the sign-up process and provide membership pricing for each site where these details are available.
Our mission is to prevent people who are considering joining a dating network from investing time (and money) in sites that won’t meet their expectations. No need for registration or trial and error.
Don’t want to be disappointed? Trust Best Dating Sites, and we’ll do the leg work for you!


Some require you to pay either for membership or additional features. While this is fair, some sites also employ ‘‘animators‘‘ – attractive people who will chat with members for pay and gifts, without any investment or wish to actually meet. Best Dating Sites Today can‘t guarantee that a certain site isn‘t using this method, but we take the size of every site‘s user base into consideration. The more users, the bigger chance for real profiles. Also, we analyze the sign-up process and requirements that can prove how legitimate the profiles are.

Some sites will only allow you to see the expanse of their user base after you‘ve signed up and paid. Our experts will do this instead of you, and prevent you from losing money. We’ll help you find the best site that really suits your needs. Avoid jumping from one platform to another and start off on the right foot with Best Dating Sites Today.

Explore and Compare

People have different expectations when it comes to meeting someone online. That is why there are so many different dating sites out there. It is important to explore all your options, and compare different dating sites by performance before you decide to sign up. We want to prevent you from wasting time and money on dating sites that won’t work for you. Only you can determine your best dating site, and we are working hard to give you all the relevant information so you can pick one that truly fits all your criteria.

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