About us

Our mission:

We Provide thorough reviews for the best dating sites out there and rank them accordingly. We don’t want you to invest your time and effort and still end up disappointed. That’s why our experts analyze every site on our list and make a comprehensive overview. We are very aware of the fact that not every site is the right fit for everyone, so we want to help you get the best possible start even before you sign up. We’ll give you all the details you need to choose the best site for you. We also hope to help lower scoring sites see what they can improve.

How do we do it?

Each site is given two grades. First grade comes from expert evaluation, and the second from the user base itself. Our experts sign up and use the dating sites before they write reviews and grade them. Additionally, we collect long time users‘ reviews and testimonials whenever they are available, for a better understanding of the user base. Best Dating Sites Today provides you with details about the inner workings of every site on our list. We can achieve this because our grading system takes as many aspects of every site as possible into consideration. Here‘s the criteria we use to determine rankings:

1. Overall satisfaction
2. Quality of members
3. Safety
4. Features
5. Ease of use
6. Value for money
7. Support

We rate every site considering these points, which add up to a total score on our list.

What we don’t offer

Best Dating Sites Today isn’t a dating network. You won’t find your next date here, but we’ll show you where to look.
We’d like to do all the work for you, really. We can help you navigate and do a lot of footwork for you before you start your journey. Still, dating is complicated and depends on both sides involved. We can’t guarantee you’ll find exactly the person you’re looking for.About us