Benefits of signing up to local dating sites – UK edition

There are many global dating sites out there, filled to the brim with profiles of interesting people. However, sometimes it is better to use a local dating site. This way you can avoid unnecessary inconveniences that can range from minor problems to serious heartbreak. Here are the benefits of local dating sites.

Only locals use local dating sites

This is an obvious one. Still, you may be wondering – how does a smaller dating pool bring any benefits?

In that case, let’s get something straight. Dating internationally can be great. If you have the means to travel often, and the patience and imagination, and trust to keep the spark alive. Some people can be fulfilled by a relationship where it’s impossible to spend a great amount of time together. However, many long-distance relationships are unrealistic in the long run. In other words, it often happens that neither person wants to move to the other’s city or country permanently. It is especially devastating when there are plans that end up being unrealistic due to differences in cultures or financial struggles. Not to mention recent travel bans that have been keeping couples apart for the majority of this year.

Illustration of a couple on video chat.
Online dates are great, but you’ll probably want more with time.

We are not saying local relationships always work out. However, there is a bigger chance for people to stay together when they aren’t facing difficulties right from the start.

Local dating sites allow you to meet fairly quickly

Relationships that start online shouldn’t stay exclusively online indefinitely. It is important to have a plan to meet in real life as well. Otherwise, it will become increasingly difficult to keep the conversations going and the relationship working without creating new experiences together.

When it comes to meeting for the first time as well as further in the relationship, it is much easier to arrange a meeting with someone who lives nearby. It is also cheaper and takes less time and planning. Also, the chances for the relationship to drag on for a while only for you to discover there is no chemistry when you are in the same room will be much less devastating. To put it differently – if the relationship doesn’t work out, it will take much less time to come to terms and break up. This is true because you didn’t invest as much time into getting to know the person online.

This is not to say you should jump into meeting the person right away. Especially if you are not comfortable with that. If they insist that they want to see you right away, with little to no talking, it could be a warning sign. The whole point of dating sites for serious relationships is to get to know your potential date before you meet in person.

Physical closeness

This time we are not talking about your location. Many people need physical closeness and intimacy to express their feelings, or feel loved. This is natural, as humans rely on touch to express positive emotions from a young age. If this component of the relationship is lacking, you may end up feeling lonely even though you are in a relationship. This, in turn, can lead to developing feelings of resentment, and losing interest altogether. The lack of interest can cause insecurity and feelings of loss and sadness in the other partner. This is a slippery slope that can create many negative emotions that end up making you wonder if it is really worth it. Dating locally, on the other hand, gives plenty opportunity to touch and build positive emotions through doing so.

A couple video chatting.
It is normal and healthy to crave touch.

Local dating sites and communication

We keep insisting how easy is to misunderstand someone on the internet. Now, don’t get us wrong: Many couples who aren’t in a long distance relationship have misunderstandings quite regularly. The difference is in the fact that those couples can meet fairly quickly and work things out. Of course, you can do the same through the internet, but both sides need to coordinate and be willing to talk at the same time. Which can be tricky. Additionally, it is much easier to ignore someone or cut them off when there’s no easy way for them to reach you.

Even with the best intentions, it is easy to slip up and forget to check in with your partner. Especially if you have been in a long distance relationship for a while and you’re under a lot of stress. Thus, developing trust issues is common when it comes to long distance relationships.

Another problem that affects communication is the fact that it is easy to get stuck in a rut. To put it differently: You don’t have the chance to build new memories and experience things together very often. You are also living your lives separately. This is an easy way to get disengaged with what’s happening to the other person. If you are talking regularly, it can start being repetitive or uninteresting. Thus, you can end up drifting away and growing apart. Things that once engaged you both, talked about one too many times can become a part of an unhealthy routine.

There is nothing sadder than seeing yourself growing apart form the person you once liked, and not being able to fix things because of how far away you are. It is much easier both to work things out and to realize you aren’t the right fit if you can see each other regularly.

Illustration og two cell phones with hands coming out of them, grasping for each other.
Unfortunately, LDRs don’t work out sometimes.

Apps for singles on a budget

If you are looking for a dating site or app that will allow you to meet many people, whether locally or for a long-distance relationship, a step you can take to spare yourself from joining one that doesn’t suit you is to do some research. Many apps and sites out there aren’t suitable for everyone or are full of fake profiles that entice you to chat without ever having the intention to meet you. That is why Best Dating Sites Today has prepared a list of dating sites that are reviewed as well as the best dating apps.