Dating apps vs. Dating sites

Finding someone to date comes in many different shapes. Since people started using the internet to meet new people to talk to, the world of dating has been steadily expanding. Some of the oldest dating sites have turned 25 this year. Moreover, with the development of different mobile devices, people have started using their phones more and more for the same purpose. Thus, the dating app market has exploded. So, which one is better – dating sites or dating apps?

Dating apps are

Dating apps can be connected to an existing dating site or function as an entity of their own. Whatever may be the case, they have first and foremost become massively popular due to being extremely convenient, especially for people with a dynamic lifestyle or younger people in general. Secondly, they are usually very easy to use and can get users a date in a matter of hours after creating a profile. Lastly, they have become a mainstream staple for the younger population.

Online dating used to be very stigmatized and considered an activity for the lonely and desperate. In contrast, dating apps are more socially acceptable because they show you can be an active, young and cool person and partake in online dating. That is why we at Best Dating Sites Today like to give our honest opinion about dating apps besides building a base of reviewed dating sites.

Illustration of two phones with dating profiles open making a heart.
Dating apps are quick and convenient.

However, there are some negatives to dating apps. They are available on mobile devices, with smaller screens, which means less space for text. You need to be very thoughtful about what you’ll write on your profile, and the focus will still mostly be on your looks. The messages users exchange on dating apps are usually short and straight to the point. There is also an expectation to meet the person in real life fairly quickly, and some people may find that overwhelming.

Dating sites are

Dating sites are the more traditional and slow-paced option. As previously mentioned, they used to be considered very uncool, but their status has changed a lot lately. As amazing as dating apps are, if you are looking for a more committed relationship, dating sites may be the right choice for you. At the end of the day, creating a profile on a dating site is a more time-consuming activity and demands more attention and dedication. In contrast to dating apps, you can take your time to get to know a person and see if you’re a match before you go out on a date. Whether you decide to use paid or free dating sites, you can expect to find many interesting people you can talk to.

Nonetheless, the sheer number of features dating sites offer can become overwhelming for anyone and cause burnout. Secondly, mobile apps tend to update regularly and constantly look for new ways to improve the user experience. Dating sites function completely differently, and it is harder to implement changes. Thus, the appearance and features can become dated and plain unusable after some time.

Is online dating better than traditional dating?

This isn’t a question with an universal answer. Online dating works very well for some people, while others end up disappointed. Yet, we firmly believe anyone can benefit from giving online dating a try.

Illustration of a couple meeting via dating sites and apps.
You never know who you’ll get to meet online!

Whether you find someone truly special or decide dating apps and sites are not for you, you can learn a lot from interacting with people online. Online dating is a convenient and affordable (if you know where to look) way to learn how to flirt and set your expectations. Because this is true, online dating can be a great option if you haven’t gone on a date in quite some time. It can also make it easier for you to find someone outside of your circle. Many people have a great experience looking for a serious relationship online. Moreover, studies have found more and more long term relationships start online.

Of course, not everything about online dating is great. If you are considering joining a dating site or app, you should prepare for at least a little dissapointment. The internet offers a level of anonymity and distance no other form of communication does.

Also, people can become desensitized if they talk to many people at once. Most people use dating sites and apps for the same reason. Yet, messaging multiple members can make you too picky or confuse you about what you really want. Unfortunately, the depersonalized environment dating sites and apps offer can make people hurt others or get hurt themselves.

This is why we advise caution and moderation when it comes to online dating. Use the internet to get to know a person enough to decide if you’d like to go out with them. Don’t drag out the online dating portion of your relationship for a long time. The chemistry may fizzle out if you don’t meet in real life soon enough. On the other hand, make sure you meet them in a safe place. Also, you should have a plan to leave safely if things don’t work out.

Online Dating: Pros and Cons

As previously stated, opinions differ a lot when it comes to online dating. Thus, it is best to come up with your own conclusion.

Pros of dating sites and apps:

  • You can find many new people you wouldn’t otherwise meet
  • Some people find it harder to talk to people in real life, and online communication easier
  • You can take your time to get to know someone before you meet in real life
  • Figuring out you are not a good fit prevents you from spending money on bad dates
Illustration of a couple on a video date.
A video chat date can lead to a wonderful relationship, and it costs nothing!

Cons of dating sites and apps:

  • Some people can get pushy and unpleasant if you don’t answer them, or if they don’t like your replies. This is true because everyone is more courageous on the internet.
  • Some users choose to misrepresent themselves online, whether by age, marital or financial status or entire identity
  • People can lie about their intentions and endanger others when they meet for a date in real life
  • People tend to be less serious and compassionate online

Of course, there are precautions you should take to ensure your safety. If you think online dating is a good option, we have compiled a list of best dating sites of 2020 for you.