Review overall

Credibility: 1

Usability: 2

Features: 2

Support: 1

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Regions: Global

Languages: Many

Cost per Month: From $16.30 for 11 coins to $225.99 for 200 coins

Membership Types: Coins needed to message users

Real or Fake? promises new users a great dating experience and a lot of fun on their site and app. We decided to put their word to the test, and are sad to report the results aren’t satisfactory. The fictitious nature of profiles on the site comes to light basically as soon as you create your profile. You will not have enough time to even upload a photo before you start getting messages from extremely attractive people claiming they like you and being sexually explicit. As you may imagine, this is a red flag. It means the site employs operators who have the task of getting new members to give the site money. Of course, the users won’t be notified they are talking to a paid professional. The profiles use photos taken from social media, dating sites and adult entertainment sites. If you are looking for a real dating site, we suggest skipping Iflirts altogether.

Free vs Paid

Registration for Iflirts is free. Yet, if you want to use the site or app for its intended purpose, you will still have to pay. It is impossible to send any messages if you don’t purchase a coin bundle. That is why you will receive so many unsolicited messages in the first place. If you decide to give the platform money, the quality of the messages will disappoint you. Remember, none of the operators are interested in what you have to say, and their only goal is to drag the conversation on as much as possible to get you to spend more money on coins. That Is why many users complain about messages not making sense or relating to anything they’ve said. This leads us to believe there is a pre-written base of messages operators copy and paste. Iflirts has a functioning app, but neither it nor the site offer any exciting features.

Relationship Types Allowed

checked Straight

checked Gay

checked Lesbian

checked Pros

Professionally designed site and app

Many operators will get in contact with you

You can explore your sexuality and experiment

unchecked Cons

Almost all profiles on the platform are fake

Low quality of messages

Steep prices

Paid plan

Sending messages to other users

Free plan

Creating an account

Browsing user profiles

Receiving messages

Costs (in USD):


11 coins for $16.30

28 coins for $35.15

62 coins for $75.30

130 coins for $148.50

210 coins for $225.99

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