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Review overall

Credibility: 1

Usability: 3

Features: 3

Support: 1

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Regions: Europe, America and Asia

Languages: Official languages of the countries the site is available in

Cost per Month: From From £1.93 for 220 coins to £19.27 for 3300 coins

Membership Types: Free with 50 coins needed for a message

Real or Fake? is a fake sex chat site, and can’t be categorized as a dating site. Most profiles are run by paid operators who send users messages to entice them to spend money on chat. If you are looking for a dating site that will allow you to find someone you can take on a real date, Mdates is not the site for you. The Terms of Service mention the existence of fake profiles, but the operators insist they are real people spending money to chat with you.

Free vs Paid

Mdates advertises free registration, which is true. Male users will get 100 free coins after they create their profiles, while female users won’t. There is a discrepancy between the way female and male users are treated, with men getting a lot of attention and messages, while women don’t. The messages users get are probably a part of a large database and translated from English to the user’s language. They are written in a way that keeps the conversation going and entices users to respond and spend money.

Relationship Types Allowed

checked Straight

checked Gay

checked Lesbian

checked Pros

You will be showered in attention of animators who are happy to entertain you

Modern and intuitive design

Freedom to express yourself

unchecked Cons

Almost all female profiles are fake

The price is pretty steep and you need 50 coins for a single message

The messages you’ll get are copied and pasted, and of low quality

Paid plan

100 free credits for male profiles, which can buy two messages

Seeing and ‘’liking’’ other profiles

Notifications of other users seeing and liking your profiles

Receiving messages

Free plan

Sending messages to other users

Highlighting your messages in other users’ inboxes

Costs (in GBP):

220 coins for £1.93

500 coins for £3.85

1100 coins for £7.70

3300 coins for £19.27

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