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Review overall

Credibility: 1

Usability: 2

Features: 1

Support: 1

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Regions: Global

Languages: Many

Cost per Month: From $22.95 for 300 coins to $240.50 for 6000 coins

Membership Types: Coins needed to send messages

Real or Fake? offers a simple and enticing homepage. The copy and look of the site are simple and effective. So far so good. Yet, once you do decide to join, problems start arising unexpectedly quickly. It is enough just to become a member to see that something strange is going on. The first sign of shady business is the amount of messages users start getting right after they register. There is a seemingly endless number of extremely attractive members who want to see you as soon as possible and aren’t afraid to express that. Yet, if you ask them to actually meet, excuses are all you’ll get. In other words, the site employs numerous professional operators to entertain users who have no idea this is happening. The operators don’t show their own faces on the site. Instead, they use images stolen from different adult entertainment sites and social media accounts. If you are looking for a real dating site (one where you can find actual people to date), we suggest skipping Pin-me.

Free vs Paid

Pin-me offers free registration, like many other fake dating sites. Once you create your free profile, you will quickly realize the site is basically unusable if you don’t buy a coin bundle. That is to say, you will be able to see other users’ profiles, and receive messages. However, replying to those messages is behind a paywall. That is to say, the site will very intentionally put you in a frustrating position. Their business model relies on users’ guards being down as they are enticed by explicit messages and visual content. If you decide to give the site money and start talking to the people on the site, you will notice two things very quickly. Firstly, the messaging itself is very pointless, as the operators have the task of making you give the site as much money as possible. Secondly, the coin bundles are deceiving, as one message doesn’t cost 1 coin, but 40 instead. When it comes to the features, Pin-me doesn’t offer anything revolutionary or even inventive.

Relationship Types Allowed

checked Straight

checked Gay

checked Lesbian

checked Pros

The site is simple and elegant

Many operators will be happy to talk to you

You will be free to express yourself free of judgment

unchecked Cons

Almost all profiles you’ll encounter are fake

The conversations get frustrating

Coin bundles aren’t cheap

Paid plan

Sending messages to other users

Free plan

Registering to the site

Viewing user profiles

Receiving messages

Costs (in USD):

300 coins for $22.95

900 coins for $59.20

2000 coins for $119.60

6000 coins for $240.50

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