Easy hacks to recognize reputable dating sites

Dating scams have existed for a long time, but now they are more prominent than ever. This is true because more and more people are getting access to computers, mobile devices and good internet connection. This, in turn, made meeting people easier and more interesting. Of course, the internet has also made education about such scams possible and more people aware of them. However, this has made scammers evolve. Fortunately, Best Dating Sites Today is here to help you recognize reputable dating sites.

Do your research to recognize reputable dating sites

A good way to start checking for a reputable site is to read dating sites reviews. These reviews can come from a dedicated site, like ours or from users from all around the world. If you choose the latter, we implore you to watch out for fake reviews. Here are some things to be wary of

  • Overly positive reviews (i.e. people bragging about finding many dates right away)
  • Reviews that sound like they have been written by the same person, either by language, punctuation or content
  • Many positive reviews spanning a very short amount of time amid a large number of negative reviews
  • No reviews available at all
A man holding a hand up and showing an ''OK'' sign.
Watch out for sites that promise too much.

Recognize reputable dating sites by their age

Many dating sites have been founded as far back as 25 years ago. These sites couldn’t have stayed relevant if they were fake. The nature of dating scams is such that they can’t accumulate a large user base that remains active. To put it differently: not many people will want to join or stay on a site with very few active users. Thus, scam sites don’t last because they aren’t profitable in the long run. The older the site is, the bigger chance that it’s legitimate.

Look for user success stories on the site

This is especially prominent on sites dedicated to serious relationships. As they need to prove their credibility, it is important to showcase lasting and happy relationships that have started on their site. Thus, success stories will be featured prominently and proudly. Of course, any site can put up a made up story, but most fake sites don’t bother

Consider the site’s prominent features

Most companies operating online dating scams don’t put a lot of effort into their websites. Their sites usually offer only a few features for this reason. In other words – if a site is offering multiple features, such as video chat, a personality test or a matching system, it is probably safe.

Illustration of a hand holding a phone with a couple that matched each other on the screen.
A matching system is usually a good sign of a reputable site.

Recognize reputable dating sites by dating profiles

It is important to figure out if a site’s users are real people. It is impossible to find a potential partner on a site that employs fake operators. A tell-tale sign of fake profiles is nudity in profile photos. To put it simply: if you notice a site is full of photos of naked ladies, you may want to do a reverse image search and see if the photos were stolen from adult entertainment sites. Remember, even if the site is meant for casual sex, not many women looking for a potential partner are going to publish their own nude or semi nude pictures online. Of course, some casual dating or fetish site users are more open to these types of photos, except they also rarely post their faces.

The second important aspect of any dating profile is the text in the bio. A good way to see if a site is reputable is to browse and read some bios. This is true because usually there aren’t many people who get the task of writing bios for fake profiles. Thus, if many profiles feature short, uninspired and repetitive text, it is a pretty good sign of a fake site. Let’s think about it: If you truly want to meet someone new, and are paying for a dating site, wouldn’t you put any effort into describing yourself?

People won’t be interested in you at first

This may sound like a bad thing, but believe us. Getting messages as soon as you make your profile is never a good sign. People genuinely interested in finding prospective matches usually want to find out more about a person before they start messaging. So, as weird as it may sound – not getting any messages or matches while your profile is still under construction is a good thing.

Recognize reputable dating sites by when and how they charge you

As previously stated, fake dating sites aren’t long cons. Most users fall for the scam only once, and deactivate their accounts after they realize there are no real people to talk to. Thus, there are some warning signs when it comes to payment methods and systems.

Firstly, you should pay attention to what you can actually see on the site. Many dating sites and apps don’t show any profiles before you make your own, which is understandable because of safety and privacy reasons. However, a sure sign something is wrong with the site is when it won’t allow you to see any profiles even after you sign up as long as you have the free version. To put it differently: if you can’t tell what you’re getting even after you completed the first step – it’s time to move on to the next site.

Illustration of two people holding a wallet with bills and coins flying out of it.
Don’t let a fake dating site trick you!

Many fake dating sites are extremely vague and won’t let non-users see their prices. This is another sign of shady business. Many legitimate dating sites charge their users a monthly fee, but as a rule of thumb their prices are transparent and you can find them very easily.

Lastly, fake dating sites know exactly what they are doing. Many of them have to acknowledge their flaws in the Terms of Service. Thus, they publish this document as an image or disable the search and copy features on the page. They know their users are usually people looking for a person they can actually go on a date with, and thus, try to make finding the warning signs as difficult to find as possible.

Don’t allow dishonest businesses to take your money and give little to nothing in return.