How safe is online dating?

While we can vouch for the dating sites, we can‘t guarantee for their user bases. Sometimes, people lie and use the internet to prey on other users and abuse their trust. We implore you to be careful and take the time to really get to know anyone you plan to meet in real life. Even if you‘re sure the person you‘re talking to is great, meet them in public, in the daytime if possible. Tell a good friend or family member where you‘re going. Arrange for someone to check in with you during the date. If they can‘t call you, there are many apps that will virtually manage the check-in and contact your fiends if you don‘t respond in due time. Don‘t give out personal data like your home address or exact workplace. If you feel uncomfortable or unsafe on the date, do your best to leave immediately if it doesn‘t endanger your safety.

Why should I do research before joining a dating site?

Some people have clear preferences for the person they‘re interested in. Others, on the other hand, don‘t and just want to meet new people. It‘s obvious why the first group should research the dating sites they‘re about to join. But there are many aspects every future user should take into consideration. Using any site should not be difficult or frustrating. That‘s why we don‘t only offer ratings on the user base – we also give an overview of features, grade ease of use and support the sites offer. This way, you can avoid joining (and in some cases paying!) a site that you‘ll want to leave as soon as you‘ve joined, be it because it‘s outdated, difficult to use or has a suspiciously small user base.

How good are your evaluations?

Our experts work hard on objective evaluations of every site, and review their most relevant aspects. Still, dating can‘t be translated into an exact science. The experience of reviewing a site is vastly divergent from using it for its intended purpose. Also, we‘re aware every individual is different. A site that works well for one person won‘t work at all for another one. That‘s why we take user reviews into consideration whenever they are available. These testimonials are what comprise the second grade given on Best Dating Sites Today. This way we make sure our evaluations have an objective and subjective element for the highest possible accuracy.

Who benefits from Best Dating Sites Today?

There are two reasons we evaluate and score dating sites. The first reason considers future users. We want to enable everyone to know exactly what they‘re signing up for, and offer the best options for every niche, even if they‘re less well-known. The second reason considers dating sites themselves. We firmly believe in accountability. Best Dating Sites Today gives reviews of different important aspects of each site, and shows what works well and what needs to be improved. Every business deserves a chance and advice to develop further. Our hope is to can show lower-scoring dating sites which features and design elements they can refine for a happier user base that grows in the future.