First date ideas that will help you get the second one

You’ve decided you liked someone enough to go out and get to know them a little better. Hence, you want to make a great impression, and continue seeing them. For these reasons, first dates are nerve-wracking. Here are some first date ideas to ensure you’re feeling at least a little relaxed.

Laid back first date ideas

1. Be tourists in your own town

Go and see that new tourist attraction you never have the time to see, or visit the new restaurant you’ve been wanting to go to but never got the chance. This way the destination itself can be a source of conversation and reduce the awkward silences.

2. Show each other your favorite places

This is a neat way to get to know each other. For example, ask them why they appreciate this spot and get a new perspective. Maybe you’ll start appreciating it more as well.

A couple, sitting on a dock and embracing.
Look at the world through your date’s eyes to understand them better

3. Visit a bookstore

This sounds boring? Well, where else can you share your previously unknown mutual interests? A book about old cars you both swoon over can be a great bonding initiator.

4. Go to a botanical garden or an aquarium

Places like these are full of interesting things you can both appreciate. Also, if you play it smart and go at a good time, they can offer some quiet and beautiful spots to talk or share an embrace or even a first kiss (don’t push it, though!)

In conclusion, try to pick something comfortable yet stimulating for both of you.

Why Second Dates Are The Real First Dates

If you’re preparing for a first date, there’s probably no reason for us to tell you how nervous you are. This is absolutely normal, and means you actually care. In contrast, it can also mean you won’t be able to relax and act naturally. If you really like this person, you’ll probably be too focused on talking, and not talking too much, and not stumbling over your words, and looking charming and a thousand more things, to actually get to know them well. Still, you’ll probably both figure out if you’d like to see each other again. That’s why at we insist on the importance of the second date. It’s okay if you’re awkward on the first date, as long as you both agree to a second one. That’s when you can really shine, be more relaxed and actually listen and figure out if you want to keep dating this person.

Is it OK to kiss on the second date?

Unfortunately, this question doesn’t have a clear yes/no answer. Some people are more open to kissing and physical closeness, so for them it’s okay to kiss on the second (or first) date. Some, on the other hand, think that’s too soon. Firstly, neither is wrong. Secondly, no one owes anyone physical contact they aren’t comfortable with. If you’re getting along well, you might think you’re on the same page, but this doesn’t necessarily have to be true. It can get very awkward if one person expects a kiss, but the other is oblivious. Even more so if one side insists on kissing, while the other is not sure.

Generally, you should figure it out by their behavior throughout the date. Read their body language and facial expressions. If they’re making it a point to stand close to you, smile, they don’t shy away from physically touching you, and make eye contact as the date ends, you probably can go for a kiss.

Lower half of a kissing couple.
Make sure you both want that first kiss.

How to know if your date went well?

Don’t worry if you’re still nervous about the date even after you’ve said goodbye and went home. This is a normal reaction, and everyone goes through it. People aren’t perfect, and tend to make mistakes when nervous. Here are some tell-tale signs your date went well.

Time flew, hence – you had fun

If a coffee date lasts longer than, let’s say, an hour – it’s probably going well. Even if you’re anxious, they obviously want to get to know you a little more.

You laughed

If your senses of humor matched, you’ve most likely felt a bit more relaxed and allowed yourself to be natural. This is a great indicator of a good date.

A couple, sitting at a cafe and laughing.
A great sense of humor is as important as it gets!

You’ve learned something about each other

We don’t share information about ourselves with people we don’t want to see again. If you feel like you know more about them as a person than before the date – you’re golden.

In summary, you know you can’t be absolutely relaxed if you care about the person you’re with. Still, we hope our first date ideas helped at least a little bit. So try to have some fun and get that second date.