First date tips: The real difference between how men and women think

We truly don’t think it’s a revelation when we say men and women don’t see dating the same way. However, it is absolutely okay to disagree, as long as both sides have the same goal. Here are our first date tips for lovebirds who have met each other online.

Tips for the First Online Date

The internet helps a great number of people find someone to talk to and potentially start dating. Best Dating Sites has provided you with a list of dating sites and apps perfect for meeting your next date, whatever your preference may be. We firmly believe everyone deserves a chance to find that special someone, and want to help you go through the nerve-wracking experience of meeting someone in real life for the first time.

First date tips: Be yourself

This tip also applies to the period before the date itself. Don’t create a less-than-realistic image of yourself, because the truth is bound to come to light when you actually see each other and start talking. This rule should be followed in regards to your actual looks, personality, and any major details about your life.

Middle aged couple embracing and smiling.
The right person will know appreciate the real you!

To put it simply: Ladies, don’t send highly photoshopped photos, or ones taken a while ago. It truly isn’t fair to expect someone to be thrilled with your looks if you set their expectations too high yourself. In the same vein, gentlemen shouldn’t hide the truth about their financial state or living conditions. Of course, both cases can be reversed, but our examples come from the most frequent cases.

First date tips: Timing of your first date

Of course you should go on a date when you’re both comfortable with that idea. However, don’t wait too long because you may exhaust all interesting first-date topics before even seeing each other. In other words, you should try to time your date in a way that you can easily start a conversation based on your interactions online.

First date tips: Find a balance between listening and talking

Being too quiet and talking too much can give off the wrong impression. First dates aren’t an opportunity to monologue, or stay completely silent.

Interestingly, men are usually the ones who tend to talk too much, and women are expected to have great ”listening skills”. Both sides can help eliminate this problem. Men – please allow your date to speak. Ladies – try to engage more in the conversation if you can.

First date tips: Agree on who will pay

This may be the most controversial topic when it comes to first dates. Opinions on who should be paying on the first date are varying and can spoil the end of a perfectly good date. That is why it’s best to make sure you have the same opinion, or come to an agreement beforehand. Trust us, it will make all the difference.

Two pairs of hands holding coffee cups.
A coffee date can lessen the pressure of ”Who will pay?”

Safety Tips for Your First Date after Meeting Online

Unfortunately, many people use the internet with dishonest intentions. For this reason, you should take some precautions regarding safety when you are meeting someone you’ve met online for the first time.

Time and place

Make sure you meet during the day, and somewhere familiar. The best option would be to meet in public, among a large number of people. A coffee date is a great idea when it comes to safety, as long as you make sure to go pick up your order yourself.

Don’t hide where you’re going

Take the time to tell your friend or a family member where and when you are going. If you’re planning a longer date, ask your confidant to call you at a certain time to make sure everything is okay. This is especially important if you have no choice but to go far from home for your date.

Trust your gut

If something about your date feels out of place, don’t hesitate to voice your concern. Maybe they’re just nervous, so be gentle. If you continue to feel uncomfortable, don’t feel bad or embarrassed if you need to leave. Calmly say you need to go, and if they insist on following you don’t be afraid to raise your voice.

When Your First Online Date is Actually Online

We have given you the tips about real life online dates. However, the current situation is making a lot of people turn to online video-chat dates. The fact that you won’t spend the time physically close to one another can be discouraging. However, video-chat can help calm your nerves and actually relax. This is especially convenient if you have been out of the dating game for a while and want to start again.

Online dating tips: Get decent equipment

Since you can’t spend time together, you should at least try to get closer and allow the other person to get an impression of you. This means actually seeing your face. With the rapid development of mobile technology, having a good phone camera isn’t a luxury anymore. The same can be applied to a good internet connection. You don’t want to raise your own anxiety by waiting for their response and thinking about the bad connection. Thus, you should be technically prepared before the date.

Know where to ”go” beforehand

It is up to you to choose if you want only to chat, or do some activity together. Make sure you’re doing something you both like and really want to do. To put it differently – make sure both sides are enjoying themselves.

First date tips no one gave you

When all is said and done, dating can’t be confined by a set of rules and tips. You can do everything this and many other articles have told you, and still not feel like you’ve done enough. On the other hand, your partner may be perfect by all standards, and sparks could still not fly.

A young couple smiling and sitting together.
Nothing is set in stone! Try to have fun first and foremost!

The big secret is – you can control your behavior, but not your emotions. A first date can be perfect without going by any rulebook if it’s with the right person. First dates truly shouldn’t be a deal breaker. Why is this important? We believe removing stress and the feeling that you have to leave a good impression may actually help you have a good time. And finally, when all is said and done, that should be the goal of a date.