First dates: Everything you need to know before you start dating online

If you’re just considering online dating, it’s absolutely okay to feel nervous about first dates. Meeting someone on the internet is a new experience and maybe you don’t know what to expect. That’s why we’re here to help.

10 things to avoid on a first date

If you’re apprehensive or even scared when you think about meeting a total stranger, it’s okay. One could say it’s the logical reaction. Luckily, Best Dating Sites Today can show you things to avoid when looking for and going on your first online date.

1. Pushy people

If they give of a vibe of impatience and insist on meeting you right away – don’t give them the time of day. You deserve to get to know your date.

2. Secretive people

In contrast, if you feel like you’ve clicked with someone, but they stall and avoid meeting you – they’re probably hiding something.

Illustration of a dating app with a woman with no features on the screen.
Don’t get your hopes up if they won’t show who they are!

3. Meeting at their place on first dates

Meet in public, at least the first time. Hence, you’ll have a better chance to leave if anything feels weird or even dangerous.

4. Talking about the heavy subjects

First dates are supposed to be fun. Also, would you like a second date with someone who acts like you’re their therapist?

5. Talking about petty drama and problems

You’re both on a date to have fun and get to know each other. Mary from accounting is not a suitable topic for this occasion!

6. Sticking to superficial questions on first dates

You really don’t need to know where their aunt’s extended family is from. Try to get to know them on a more personal level, and ask questions about their likes and dislikes instead.

7. Trying to ”get them to like you’’ on first dates

When everything is said and done – you’re you. Additionally, you deserve someone who will like you, and not some idealized version you can’t keep up with. If they don’t – move along.

8. Self-deprecation

Many people’s sense of humor is self-deprecating, but as the great Hannah Gadsby said – ”It’s not humility, it’s humiliation”, and you should try to avoid it on a first date (and in every other situation. Really. You’re great).

9. Bragging

Listening to someone brag excessively is tiring. Also, it can make your date think you’re being less-than-truthful about yourself. Highlight your accomplishments in a discreet and honest way

10. Being cold on first dates

If you seem disinterested in what your date is saying, they probably won’t be too keen on seeing you again. Listen, participate in the conversation and be reasonably kind.

A couple sitting at a bar and smiling.
A smile goes a long way.

First dates: How to survive your first online date?

You may be shaking, but trust us – so is your date. First dates are anxiety-inducing for everyone. You’ve both searched the internet for someone to have genuine human connection with, and you’re here now. Get to know each other. Also, breathe, be yourself and try to have fun. Additionally: see if you can make them laugh if you have a sense of humor. In case you don’t, don’t force it and be open and kind. Whatever you can do to let them know you’re happy to be there with them – do it.

It is completely natural to be worried about them not liking you. Let’s think about it, though. You’ve talked online, felt there might be something between you and both agreed to go out. At the end of the day, you’re there because you want to know each other better and have fun.

It’s absolutely okay to be nervous. Still, try to connect.

Lastly, if things go wrong, at least you’ve tried. Some people simply work better online than in real life.

What to expect on a first date

Books and movies lied – there probably won’t be any fireworks. Still, the purpose of a date is to be a fun way to get acquainted outside of the internet. As you know, nerves will come in, so expect some awkwardness. Still, try to overcome it by steering the conversation to common interests. Also, don’t forget – you should both care about other person feeling special. Moreover, the conversation should be two-sided at all times. If they don’t put in the effort, you shouldn’t either.

What you absolutely should expect is to figure out if you’re interested in a second date. For this reason, pay close attention to how you’re feeling. We hope you end up feeling great and schedule to see them again soon. If you don’t – don’t worry, at least you’ve tried and put in the effort.

Now go and have fun!