How do you know if there is chemistry on your first date?

Good chemistry is something many people are looking for when they start seeing someone. Most don’t want to keep dating a person who doesn’t appeal to them and waste their own or the other person’s time. That is why you should know the tell-tale signs of chemistry on your first date.

Do You Have Chemistry With Your Partner?

Most dating advice columns skip over chemistry as a concept. This is true because most people take recognizing chemistry for granted. Yet, many people never learn what makes people compatible and draws them to each other. If you are thinking about online dating, comparing different dating apps online is just one of the steps you should take. It is very important to establish what is important to you in a partner. This is where compatibility and chemistry come in. Many dating sites create matchmaking games and questionnaires that make sure the people you meet are compatible with you. However, having the same interests and expectations isn’t the same thing as having chemistry.

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Make sure to include some like into your love

Even if you like all the same things and hold the same values, that doesn’t necessarily mean you will like each other. Chemistry, in contrast, can happen between vastly different people. The shortest way we can describe having chemistry with someone would be ”they make you feel good by just being there”. Still, this is too simple of an explanation. If you have chemistry, you’ll find yourself thinking about them and wanting to talk to them or see them when they’re not around.

Unfortunately, chemistry and compatibility should go hand in hand. Having only one or the other usually isn’t enough for a lasting and happy relationship.

As we already mentioned, looking perfect on paper isn’t enough. There is no point in dating someone who shares all your beliefs if you aren’t romantically interested in them, or they don’t make you happy. That is why relationships with no chemistry bring a lot of resentment.

Having chemistry but being totally incompatible is not a good combination either. You may be madly in love, but your relationship is most probably not going anywhere once the initial rush is over. Relationships are built on conversation and mutual experiences as much as on emotion, and if you have nothing to talk about, or can’t find an activity you’ll both enjoy, you’ll probably end up drifting apart after some time.

Signs You’ll Have Good Emotional Chemistry

As previously stated – chemistry is a key part of every great relationship. Moreover, it is a requirement to be able to develop as a couple. It is almost impossible, and definitely very unhealthy to date someone you don’t truly like. We believe building a healthy and fulfilling relationship is truly important and that is why we decided to dedicate our site to dating sites’ reviews as well as dating advice. Thus, here are signs of good emotional chemistry:

They draw you in. There doesn’t have to be a specific reason to like this person, yet – you do. Their looks and energy are appealing to you and make you feel comfortable. If you find yourself wanting to keep spending time with someone you just met – you have good chemistry.

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Pay attention to early signs of chemistry!

You communicate easily. It is important to be able to speak your mind. It is even more important for your partner to understand your wants and needs. You don’t have to agree on everything, and you probably won’t, but you shouldn’t be afraid to speak your mind at any point. Mutual understanding from the early stages on is a great sign good chemistry will develop.

You both work on fixing your problems. Every couple has issues from time to time. People see the world differently and conflict is inescapable. However, people with good emotional chemistry tend to try to find a solution that will benefit both sides. Additionally, they allow each other to speak their mind about the issue, and try to see it from a different perspective. If you are able to resolve your problems maturely early on and understand where the other person is coming from, you’re onto something.

What does chemistry feel like on a first date?

The characteristics of good chemistry we described above take time to develop. Yet, you can see their signs right from the start.

Chemistry on your first date: Communication

Some nerves are normal on a first date. However, if you both are able to overcome them, and keep a conversation going without forcing it, that is a great sign of chemistry.

Chemistry on your first date: Being comfortable

Every Everything you need to know about the first dates article will tell you you should feel like you can relax and be yourself. Yet, this won’t be easy if you have no chemistry. If you do, on the other hand, it will come naturally.

Chemistry on your first date: Touch

Everyone has a different level of touch they find comfortable. Still, if you are on a date with a person you have chemistry with, you’ll find yourself wanting to come closer, and comfortable with some physical contact.

Physical attraction

You don’t have to know exactly what you like about them. Yet, if you have chemistry, you will find yourself looking at your date with admiration. If they feel it too, this will be mutual, and both your reactions to being looked at will be positive.

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Are you swooning for your date?

Chemistry on a first date: Laughter

Humans express happiness through laughter. Laughing together is a great sign on a first date, and having similar sense of humor as your date can alleviate some tension normal for first dates.

Initial Signs of Chemistry During a Date

To summarize, if you are planning your online date properly you should pay attention to your chemistry. Here are some signs of chemistry on a first date:

  • Feeling comfortable being yourself when they’re around
  • Laughter
  • Physical attraction and contact
  • Talking with little to no awkwardness
  • Thinking about them when they’re not around
  • Feeling happy when you’re together
  • Wanting to spend more time with them