How to find totally free online dating sites in UK?

Dating sites have become a part of many people’s day-to-day lives. They help many people discover someone interesting to talk to and potentially start seeing offline as well. However, many dating sites charge their services, and not everyone is ready to, or has the means to pay them. So, here’s how you can find totally free online dating sites in UK.

Picking the right dating app

If you are only starting to explore the dating app and site market, you are bound to be overwhelmed. As soon as you show interest in this type of site you will start getting bombarded with ads for all sorts of dating sites. We all leave a trace on the internet through our interaction with different websites. People willingly give their private data, and thus enable advertisers to create their customer profiles. If an advertising agency has any idea about who you are, they will target you with ads they think will be most enticing to you. This may be frustrating for many people. However, it isn’t a bad idea to look into their methods when you’re choosing a dating app or site for yourself. Here are some things you should take into consideration while looking for a perfect dating site:

  • Your age and gender
  • Preferred age and gender of your partner
  • Are you looking for a serious relationship or something more casual
  • Your location and how far you’re willing to travel
  • Are you interested only in dating a person from a certain background
  • Do you have any preferences, appearance-wise
  • Do you have any sexual preferences that don’t fit the ‘’norm’’

These questions may help you narrow your search down, but the chances are you’ll probably still find multiple dating sites and apps that fit all of your criteria. For this reason, it is very important to compare different dating sites before choosing the right one. This is the chance to also see the pricing of the dating sites you particularly liked and figure out if you’re willing to pay for a membership or not. To put it differently: You should do as much research about every aspect of the site before you decide whether you want to sign up or not.

A middle aged man kissing a middle aged woman's cheek, looking very cute.
Do your research to find the best site for you!

Tips for online dating on totally free online dating sites in UK

At we firmly believe that meeting new people online is a great opportunity to take the lead and voice your opinion, as well as create an image of yourself. Of course, this can become addicting, hence it is also important to practice a little restraint as not to drive people away.

Be yourself

Putting a dating profile together makes people look at the way others see them. It is absolutely understandable to want to showcase your best qualities and even embellish a little. However, this can become a slippery slope. For this reason, you should step away from your dating profile before you make it public, and compare it to the factual reality. Will it be impossible to maintain a certain image when you meet someone in real life? If so, then it is best to rethink what you want to say and the way you’ve said it.

Take things off the totally free online dating sites in UK as soon as it feels comfortable

When you find a person who seems truly interesting, and your conversations feels like you’re going somewhere – don’t hesitate to meet them in real life. Taking too long to go on a real date can make a promising relationship fizzle out and lose its spark. However, if you are, for any reason, not feeling comfortable enough to meet the other person, remember you’re not obligated to. When it comes to meeting strangers from the internet, it is always better to be safe than sorry.

Don’t expect to find someone perfect

Allow people their little quirks. It is extremely unlikely you’ll find someone to fit all of your criteria. The internet is vast and full of all sorts of wonderful people, and you may be overlooking a great match. On the other hand, if someone does seem too perfect, you should be cautious, since some people will lie and pretend to be someone else entirely.

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Maybe they’re not perfect, but then again – no one is!

How to trust people online on totally free online dating sites in UK

Most people will try to highlight their best qualities while dating online. Some will turn to lying and even ”catfishing” (aka using a false identity and stealing someone else’s pictures). When it comes to this more extreme case, the easiest way to be sure you’re actually talking to the person from the photos is to choose a trusted dating site from the beginning. Having this in mind, we’ve picked the top 5 dating sites for you to choose from. However, if you’re not comfortable with giving a dating site your ID, you can ask the other person to video-chat. Keep in mind that this may be too invasive for some people, especially if you ask too soon. Then, if they keep refusing, you should take some precautions if you still decide to meet them in real life.

To put it simply: of course some people actively use dating sites to build a false narrative about themselves, but people you meet through friends can do the same thing in real life. There is no way to be 100% sure of someone’s good intentions. Yet, talking to a person online can tell you a lot about them and give you warning signs before you actually start dating.

Reasons for paying

Both paid and free dating sites are hugely popular. However, the more specific your preferences are, the smaller the chance you’ll find totally free online dating sites in UK. Still, we can’t deny that using a paid dating site has its advantages.

More serious user base

If you are on the fence about paying for a dating site subscription, you should consider both the value and the cost. Of course, there are free dating sites dedicated to serious relationships, but free access means more people with nothing better to do than waste your time. On the other hand, many trolls and catfishers will see a paywall and decide to join is not worth their money. Thus, you can be more relaxed and know the people you’re talking to are serious as well.

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Finding the right person is the most important thing!

More thoughtful interactions

Some paid dating sites charge users per sent message. This can seem like a feature you want to avoid, but it can work in your favor. For example, having to pay for each message means people are going to contact only the users they truly find interesting. Additionally, they will put more thought into their messages because they want to strike up a memorable conversation. To put it differently – it is important to determine if you’d like to take things offline early on. On the other hand, receiving messages lets the other person know you’re serious and gives them an incentive to answer. It also most often gets a positive reaction.

Still, we can’t forget about the drastically larger dating pool free sites will give you. When all is said and done, finding the right person is more important than having a thoughtful conversation. As nice as the conversation is.

How to save money when dating online with totally free online dating sites in UK

On one hand, online dating can cost a lot of money. These expenses are particularly painful if you pay for a dating site and then end up not finding a person you like. Or, even worse, finding one that seems perfect only to have a bad first date that goes nowhere. Yet, online dating can save you money, time, and heartbreak if you know how to navigate it. This means you’ll have to take a better look at the concept of online dating itself.

To make the most out of a dating site, you need to understand that its purpose isn’t to maintain a relationship, but to allow you to meet someone you truly click with. As we have already stated, keeping a relationship exclusively online for a long time is’t a good idea, since it most often becomes draining. Use the internet as a tool to determine if someone is truly worthy of your time.

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It is easier to part with your money when you know it goes toward making memories with someone truly great!

Studies have shown you can save at least $6400 by dating online, especially if both sides are looking for a serious relationship. This can be easily explained. It is easier to decide someone isn’t the right fit for you if you get to know them. On the other hand, going on one first date after the other because you end up not being a match can become quite costly in and of itself.

To add one more thing

By now we focused on the financial side of investments, but we all know dating doesn’t take an exclusively financial toll if things go south. The emotional pain a bad relationship brings can truly be devastating. Online dating gives you a much better chance to come up with an informed decision. Even if you pay for the messages and don’t end up ever going out, you’ll probably save money. Additionally, if you play your cards right and learn to recognize red flags through interactions with many people, you’ll be able to avoid emotional investments with people who just aren’t right for you. Even if you decide you prefer meeting people in real life, dating online for a while can bring you precious perspective and teach you to recognize the warning signs earlier. And that’s something money truly can’t buy.