How to recognize a subscription rip-off on a dating site?

Many dating sites have a faulty business model that can be categorized as a subscription rip-off. To put it simply: the site is usually full of fake profiles. These profiles are operated by paid professionals employed by the site itself. Their main goal is to get users to pay for a dating subscription, thus giving the site money. The operators have no intention of ever going on an actual date with the users, so the main goal of joining a dating site is impossible to achieve. Best Dating Sites Today is here to teach you to recognize a subscription rip-off on a dating site.

Recognize a subscription rip-off on a dating site: terms and conditions

Very few people actually read the Terms of Service. Additionally, no one enjoys doing so. Many sites use this as an opportunity to avoid getting sued and mention the presence of fictitious profiles on their sites. There are different ways to present this information. On one hand, some sites admit their primary purpose is entertainment. On the other hand, some distance themselves and just mention the possibility of fake profiles existing.

As previously mentioned, scam dating sites are well aware of the general dislike for reading terms and conditions. Thus, they make finding the warning signs even harder by presenting them in the form of an image. This makes searching for keywords impossible, and many fake sites use this tactic.

Do your due diligence

If you are considering paying a handsome fee for a monthly subscription to a dating site, you should make sure you are making an informed decision.

Illustration of a computer with two user reviews open.
FInd out more about the site through reviews!

Many dating sites use lewd photos on their landing pages to get you to let your guard down. Thus, you should resist your urge to give your credit card information before you’ve done proper research.

Reading reviews for different dating sites is a great first step. We try to keep up-to-date with as many dating sites as possible and prevent our readers from signing up to a rip-off site. However, if you can’t find a review on our site, you should definitely google it for user reviews and experiences. People don’t like getting scammed, and many of them want to help others not make the same mistakes they did.

Recognize a subscription rip-off on a dating site: user profiles

If you are still not sure if a site is fake, you should take a closer look at user profiles. A tell-tale sign of a rip-off is not being able to see anyone’s profile before you hand over your money. If you can’t even see what you’re signing up for, our advice is to try your luck elsewhere.

If, on the other hand, you can see profiles, take the time to read through them. When all the bios you encounter read eerily similar – it is a pretty good sign they have been written by the same person. The similarities can appear within

  • Expressions
  • Grammar
  • Punctuation

If the information given on profiles is haphazard and contradictory, it is a good warning sign to move on. This is true because people who are willing to pay for a dating site aren’t just going to leave their profile empty or put little to no effort into it.

Illustration of a woman holding a cellphone and a credit card.
People put in more effort into their profile if they are paying for the site.

User photos

Photos are a great way to figure out if a site is a scam trying to profit by selling you a dating subscription. If all the profiles use either super professional looking or grainy photos – they are probably a part of a scam. This is true because many dating subscription trap sites will use bots to steal photos from social media profiles or adult entertainment sites. That is why it is a good idea to reverse search the images and see if they appear on an existing profile.

Recognize a subscription rip-off on a dating site: price and plans

Many dating rip-off sites are very pricey. This is true because they can’t scam many users for a long time. Thus, they have to take a great amount of money from many people to remain profitable.

Trial periods are a good sign of a subscription trap. The site will offer you a great one-time deal to see if you enjoy using it. However, if you don’t read the fine print, you won’t know the subscription will automatically renew and charge to your credit card if you don’t cancel your subscription in due time. This is a trap many people have been subjected to, and often write about it in their reviews. This is another reason to be careful and take your time to read the reviews beforehand.

Also, there is no need to pay for a dating site. There are many legitimate dating sites that are totally free, as well, so you may want to look at those first.

What to do if you already have a profile

If you have already created your profile on a rip-off site, chances are you will start getting messages immediately. As we said, this isn’t a long-running scam. This is especially true for the sites that don’t use the subscription model, but sell coins/credits used for messaging instead. The same rule about high prices applies here. If you receive some free credits in the beginning, you can use them to determine if there are real people on the site. Paid animators probably won’t disclose their status, but there are some red flags, such as dragging the conversation on or being too intimate right from the start. To put it simply, if they are paying for the messages as well – there is no reason to contact a recently created profile without so much as a profile pic, or use terms of endearment with it.

A phone screen with a message that says ''I love you''.
Don’t fall for empty promises andd pet names.

Remember, these sites are counting on you being lonely and enchanted by photos of semi-nude women. Don’t allow them to scam you.