How to start dating at 50?

If you’re feeling apprehensive about dating, you’re definitely not alone. After all, it can be difficult for anyone after a long break. You may feel even more pressure, but dating at 50 should be seen as an advantage. You’re a fully formed individual, you know yourself and also probably have an idea about what you seek in a partner. All these things are necessary for a happy and fulfilled relationship, but less mature people have to work much harder to get them. Embrace what you have and use it to build something great.

Begin online

If you’re only considering dating again, try not to rush things. A bad first date can discourage you from looking further. Meeting new people online can ease you into the idea of searching for someone special. Also, even if you decide you’re definitely not ready for dating, you can meet interesting people and make new friends.

A middle aged couple laughing and cooking.
Expand your friend group, and romance might follow!

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Dating at 50: Some things you can expect

We don’t want to lie to you. You’ll probably meet people who won’t get along with you at all. Online communication is great, but some individuals can end up acting like they’re not talking to a real person. We’re here to introduce you to a few things to look out for:

  • Ghosting – talking to you for a while and then suddenly blocking you or stopping responding with no explanation.
  • Negging – pointing out things you might be insecure about so they lower your self-confidence to have a better chance.
  • Breadcrumbing – replying scarcely, just enough not to completely stop communicating.

To conclude – these are red flags, and you should avoid people who use these tactics.

Be ready for some disappointment

Although the internet helps us connect faster, some things never change. You probably won’t find the right person right away. A few bad interactions online or dates shouldn’t discourage you. Everyone goes through it, but if you find a truly special person you can really have something beautiful with – it should all be worth it.

Be honest

Don’t lie on your profile or to your date. It never ends well. Instead, you can accentuate your successes, personality, or sense of humor. Try to avoid difficult topics, at least in the beginning, and bond over positive experiences instead.

A middle aged couple, embracing and smiling.
Don’t forget to have some new positive experiences too!


We’re not all looking for the same thing. While you may want only someone to have fun with, they might be falling for you. For this reason, you shouldn’t hide your intentions. Say what you want from a relationship. If you don’t agree on this, you probably won’t work out romantically.

Dating at 50 (and any other age): Don’t do anything you don’t want to

Whether it’s sex, awkward conversation or a date, you’re there to have a good time. Do not let anyone pressure you into things you don’t want or feel insecure about. To rephrase it, set firm boundaries and leave if they’re not respecting them. Your safety should be a priority above all.

Now go out there and find someone wonderful!