Is for serious relationships?

No one can deny the prominence of dating sites anymore. They became a part of many people’s dating life and don’t seem to be losing popularity. Especially so in the last year, when most of us lost the ability to meet people any other way. However, if you are looking for a serious relationship, the concept of online dating may not be tempting. We are here to show you there is a way to start something serious and long-lasting online as well. So, let’s see is for serious relationships.

While there are thousands of dating sites out there, some of them are more recognized while others struggle. is one of the most famous dating platforms. A huge part of its popularity comes from the fact that it’s one of the oldest active dating sites. It had time to grow its brand, upgrade features and concepts. The number of active users itself is a testimony to the site’s skill and care for its user base.

How serious is for serious relationships?

As we have mentioned, dating sites are numerous and diverse. They can either cater to the general audience or people with very specific preferences. Similarly, the best dating site for any individual depends on their expectations from a relationship. Free spirits will gravitate to dating apps rather than dating sites. If you are looking for a hookup, casual relationship or a friend with benefits, apps like Tinder and Bumble are a great choice. In contrast, people who are looking to settle down and start a family will turn to matchmaking dating sites like Eharmony or Christianmingle. caters to users who are in between these two extremes. The average user of the site is looking for more than a fling or a hookup. Yet, there is no pressure of needing to find the perfect person to spend the rest of your life with.

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One thing this site is very serious about is user safety. Besides taking time to approve each individual profile, the site has taken other precautions to ensure it. For example, there are features that enable users to talk over the phone without exchanging actual phone numbers. A video chat option is also available. While you may think these features are taking things too far, you can never be too serious about internet safety.

Of course, the fact that you don’t want to hook up or marry soon doesn’t mean you’ll be on the same page with every other user. This middle path contains a plethora of people with different expectations. So, how does the site balance them?

Finding your match

We can’t recommend to people with no patience. It is absolutely okay to want results quickly, but in that case, this isn’t the site for you. As soon as you create a profile, you will have to wait until it is reviewed and approved. Only then will you be able to use the site. Secondly, is famous for its matching system. If you aren’t sure about what it entails, here is our guide on online matchmaking explained.

In the case of Match, you will have to answer a large number of questions to participate in the matching game. Your answers will determine your matches, as people are only paired up with other users that answered the questions similarly.

Finally, the pace of using the site for meeting other people is much slower than on hookup sites and apps. Of course, this isn’t a universal rule, and some people will be less patient than others. Yet, Match is designed to accommodate meaningful conversation that is still somewhat relaxed. This is true since the site’s audience is mostly comprised of people who want to find someone for a relationship, but not necessarily marriage.

To sum it up, allows users to take their time to find someone they really like before going on an actual date. This is ensured via the matching game and the algorithm that follows a user’s behavior. In other words, the more you use the site the better your matches will be.

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Match vs. eharmony

Eharmony is another hugely popular dating site. As we have previously mentioned, its primary purpose is to connect individuals who want to find a life partner. Thus, marriage is one of, if not the most important aspect of the site. This, in turn, determines both the intentions of the members and the course of conversations. Your matches are going to be serious and expect you to be open and honest right from the start. This is understandable if you factor in the purpose of the site. However, you may not want to open up so quickly. As we have mentioned, the site’s atmosphere can create a lot of pressure to find the perfect person quickly.

Eharmony also relies on a questionnaire to determine compatibility between users. The questions relate to your expectations from a partner, personality, worldview and other preferences. The site used to cater exclusively to a Christian audience, which was a large part of its reputation. However, they made the choice to expand to people with different upbringing, preferences and religion.

Match vs hookup apps

Different hookup apps (and sites) offer an easy and fun way to find people interested in casual sex and relationships. The nature of these apps doesn’t allow much time to get to know someone. This is true because most users don’t expect to find out much about their potential partner before meeting them. In that sense, they are less serious than

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Nonetheless, saying you can’t start a serious relationship via an app like this isn’t completely true. Your experience largely depends on other users and their preferences.

As you can see, Match is a good middle-of-the-road option for users who need some time to get to know a person before going out with them. This doesn’t mean the users of the site are less exciting. It does, however, dictate the tempo and etiquette on the site. We recommend being open and honest about your preferences right from the start.