Is online dating a good idea?

Online dating is a relatively new concept, and many people didn’t consider it worthwhile for this reason. Truly, new things take time to become mainstream and a regular part of people’s lives. Especially when they concern things like dating, which have certain rules and norms ingrained in people’s minds from an early age. However, as more people gave it a chance, this way of meeting new people has proved itself as very convenient for many. Thus, more and more people are turning to dating sites and apps. If you are still on the fence and want to find out more about online dating, you’re in the right place!

The Pros and Cons of Online Dating

Meeting people in real life and online diverge in three main areas. These areas are

  • The size of the dating pool
  • Finding a match
  • Channels of communication

The dating pool

A small dating pool can discourage even the best of us. Sometimes, it truly feels like there isn’t anyone interesting, witty or exciting enough in your vicinity. Realizing this is a turning point in many people’s lives, as they decide to try a dating site.

A couple embracing and smiling in the sun.
Finding the right person for you is easier if there’s more people to talk to.

The pro: It is obvious that you are more likely to find more people online than offline. There are only so many hours in the day, and a lot of them are dedicated to work, hobbies, activities with friends etc. Even when a person goes out with the intention of finding a potential partner, they aren’t guaranteed to find someone single and interested in starting a conversation. On the other hand, when it comes to dating sites, one only needs to log in to find people who are also seeking a potential partner. Since it all happens online, people are more likely to start talking to someone they’d have no chance of meeting otherwise.

The con: The sheer number of people on different dating sites can be too much for some people. Going from flirting with people you actually see to starting conversations online is most often abrupt, and many people are confused. In other words – no one is an expert on online dating as soon as they start. Also, the number of potential partners can make people endlessly bounce from one person to the next.

Finding a match and online dating

Finding a person you like at a first glance only to realize they’re not who you thought they were is always a painful experience. Fortunately, there are many dating sites dedicated to serious relationships.

The pro: There are many dating sites out there that have a mission of connecting people who are a perfect fit for each other. If you are serious about finding a life-long partner you can browse Best Dating Sites and find the best site for you. Most match-making sites try to ask the important and deal-breaker questions and only match users who gave the same answers. This way you can avoid investing time and emotions into a relationship only to get hurt when you realize you disagree on something very important to you.

A couple dancing in a forest.
Using a dating site can help you avoid heartbreak and find a person you really click with.

The cons: Firstly, dating isn’t an exact science, and a perfect match on paper doesn’t necessarily have to work out. Secondly, some questionnaires ask less important questions, and also don’t cover some deal-breakers. Lastly, people are people. On one hand, personal values can change drastically over time. On the other hand, some people only fill the questionnaire to appeal to as many potential partners as possible.

How do you communicate?

What is older – the chicken or the egg? What is worse – not knowing how to start a conversation or how to keep it going?

The pro: It isn’t hard to strike up a conversation online. Many people who are shy in real life can open up and talk more openly, thus giving other people an opportunity to get to know them before ever meeting them. Additionally, communication over the internet is quick and easy.

The con: Miscommunication is a huge problem of modern online conversation. Unfortunately, avoiding it means picking your words carefully, because the person you’re talking to can’t see your expression or hear the tone of your voice. Even video-chat doesn’t give you full view of body language, nor the opportunity to touch.

Online Dating Vs. Offline Dating

Dating online gives everyone an opportunity to find the right person for themselves. Of course, a vast majority of people can’t date online indefinitely, and expect to meet their partner at some point in time. We also recommend to use dating sites and apps as a way to meet a person you’d like to keep seeing in real life.

A prevalent problem with online dating is the fact that some people don’t want to take it into real life. This isn’t a problem if both people involved are on the same page. On the other hand, if one side wants to keep the relationship completely online, and the other doesn’t, this can become a great source of pain and mistrust. This is especially straining in international relationships. In other words – it is completely fair to wonder about your date’s honesty if they keep avoiding meeting you in person.

A couple embracing and smiling.
The goal isn’t to keep dating online indefinitely, but to take things offline when you’re comfortable with that idea.

Starting a relationship with someone you meet through mutual friends, on the other hand, can bring problems of its own. If you don’t take the time to communicate with them, you can end up going on a few dates and realize you’re not going to work out. An even worse course of events is that you can date for a considerable time and break up. This way, you’ll be putting your friends in an awkward position of having to choose between you and your partner.

We believe a healthy balance between online and offline dating is the way to go and find the golden middle. Whether you’ve met online or not, take the time and use all available means of online communication to find out more about your date.