Is sextingbook real?

Saying everyone is different is an understatement. People have different experiences, expectations, and preferences. These all factor in a person’s enjoyment of any dating site or site in general. But, enough with the philosophy, let’s dive into the burning question – Is sextingbook real?

You ask ”is sextingbook real”, we ask ”how do you define ‘‘real”?

As you may have expected from our intro, the realness of sextingbook highly depends on your expectations from a ”real” site. So, let’s cut to the chase – if you are asking if this site is real in the sense of being able to meet the people you’ll be talking to in real life, the answer is No.

Many users have been disappointed when they realized what’s been hiding in the Terms of Service:

(2.3.c) You acknowledge that most of the profiles on the Website are fictitious and they have been created only to exchange messages with users and therefore real-life meetings with these fictitious profiles are therefore not possible;

Thus, you should be aware that most people you’ll meet through Sextingbook are indeed paid animators. It is understandable to be disappointed if you’ve paid for something and then don’t get it. Thus, many people who haven’t read the ToS (Hey, it happens to the best of us. All the time.) end up asking the people they talk to go out sometimes and get rejected. For this reason, many former users consider this site to be a scam. We can’t say it is a scam per se, but the fact that you need to disclose your location is pretty misleading if there is no chance to ever meet in real life.

How do you use Sextingbook?

Sextingbook is a site that caters to people who want to explore their sexuality in a safe environment, with other consenting non-judgemental participants. In other words, it is a way to chat and have a bit of fun with no strings attached.

A woman hanging from a silk ribbon
Well… Some strings attached, if you’re into that.

As soon as you log into your account, you will be able to see other users’ (aka mostly sexting professionals’) profiles, as well as different groups, where you can talk about your own fantasies and find people who are into the same things. Some of the more prominent chatrooms include BDSM, public sex, different fetishes and many others.

As every person on the site is a consenting adult searching, or being paid to contact someone to create their sexual fantasy, don’t be surprised if you start getting a lot of messages. The people on this site are very open and direct about their wants and needs. Again, don’t get your hopes up and think you’ll meet your soulmate. However, this can be a turn off for some and an additional benefit for others. It can encourage you to send a (paid) message of your own if you happen to find a profile you particularly like.

The Flirt feature can be of great help to those who are still shy and don’t want or know how to start a conversation. This way you can let the other person you like them in a short message, and see if they’ll take the initiative.

All in all, Sextingbook offers an easy-to-use platform with inviting profiles for anyone who wants to talk openly, yet anonymously, about their fantasies.

Benefits and failings of sexual fantasies

Sex doesn’t begin and end with intercourse. Getting frisky is a process, and everyone’s way to getting there is different. Some ge turned on by different roles they can play, others by initiating or being passive. People develop fantasies about their perfect sexual experience, but they often remain secret and unfulfilled, because most are afraid to speak their mind and inform their partners. The reason for this is the shame many people feel when it comes to their preferences. To put it simply: We are conditioned to believe any sexual desire that is outside the accepted norm is somehow wrong. This is a harmful stereotype. As long as no one is getting hurt, anything is fair game in sex. Fantasies are a safe way to act out things you’re not ready to ask for, or are too risky to actually do, such as sex with a complete stranger or in a public space. Sexting is another way to fulfill your more dangerous imagined encounters.

A woman's naked back in bed with red sheets
Most sexual fantasies are healthy.

However, sexting and fantasizing too much can lead to some real-life consequences, like addiction to this type of activity and alienation from potential partners in real life. Another trap of indulging too much is desensitization. In other words: The effects of fantasies can wither, and some people turn toward more and more extreme scenarios and situations, to the point of being unable to find pleasure outside these fantasies that may never come true. For this reason, we implore you to only be responsible to yourself and others both with the amount and content of the messages you send.

To conclude: Is sextingbook real? No. However, here’s what it can offer

Finding a person with whom you can talk openly about sex isn’t the easiest thing. Sexting someone you know in person or from the internet is risky, because you never know what they consider inappropriate. Additionally, things may turn out awkward and downright uncomfortable after the rush is over. On the other hand, as we’ve previously stated, asking your partner to take part in your fantasy isn’t easy either. Sextingbook can help users avoid any misunderstanding or feeling uncomfortable after the deed is done since sexting is its primary purpose. On the other hand, knowing the person you’re talking to is being paid to reply can spoil the mood for many.

A woman wearing a bra nd a collar with chains.
Remember: a thing that is humiliating to one person can be liberating to another!

To sum everything up: Sextingbook is a service that allows its users to live out their sexual fantasies in a fun, creative and safe way through talking to a consenting adult online. Before you sign up, you should know about the site’s fictitious nature and acknowledge its only purpose is sexting, and not meeting someone new. This part is especially important since all messages require payment.