Online matchmaking explained

If you are looking for a good dating site, you have probably seen the term matchmaking during your research. This term can signify vastly different things depending on the context. Best Dating Sites Today is here to help you understand the history of the process and the advantages and disadvantages of online matchmaking.

What does matchmaking mean?

To put it simply, matchmaking is the process of analyzing different aspects of a person’s life, character, and preferences and finding them the best possible partner (aka match) according to the findings. As you may imagine, the degree of their success depended heavily on the historical context and the information the matchmakers received.

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Agreeing on important issues helps any relationship flourish.

Some traditional versions of matchmaking consisted of looking at a person’s birth chart. Others, on the other hand, were dictated by financial power or the political status of their family. Whichever method was used, the person actually getting the match didn’t have much choice in deciding whether to accept the results.

As time progressed, matchmaker stopped being an official occupation. Still, many people (mostly women) still continued to help people meet according to their or their family’s preferences.

Some matchmaking agencies work to this day, but they mostly help singles find a match for themselves. They offer a more personalized approach, as their main clients changed.

Online vs. traditional matchmaking

A lot of serious dating sites have also adapted matchmaking practices. The criteria for matching has changed immensely by now. However, the main principle of connecting people who have a large number of common traits stayed.

Digitalization is the main difference between traditional matchmaking and its modern version. In other words, your preferences and deal breakers will be entered into a system. It will then show you profiles of people who answered the questions most similarly to you.

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Finding someone similar to you is a great start for any relationship.

A larger dating pool is the obvious advantage of online matchmaking. The internet has allowed people to find and get to know people they otherwise wouldn’t have the chance to. Traditional matchmakers rely either on the people they know or their own user bases.

The truth of the matter is, you can’t make yourself feel the spark with someone. Even if you seem like a perfect match on paper, problems may arise. Hence, a larger number of people to talk to can be a great advantage.

Dating sites that specialize in matchmaking usually have a list of questions users answer. Another way some of them do it is by listing a large number of statements you can agree or disagree with. Finally, there is behavioral matchmaking. In that case, the site’s algorithm detects your preferences through your interactions with the site. Then it can narrow down the choice of suggested profiles you will see on the site.

Whichever the method may be, you want to get as much information about the dating site as possible before you join it.