Tips and Hacks for Staying Safe while Online Dating

The internet is faster than any other method of communication. It has allowed people to instantly contact others, no matter their location. Obviously, this is a great benefit when it comes to internet dating. On the other hand, communication through the internet allows both sides to stay anonymous or even take up a different identity. This has been used by many individuals with bad intentions. Best Dating Sites Today is here to teach you everything you need to know about staying safe while online dating.

Staying safe while online dating: sometimes research isn’t enough

Our site was created to help you decide which dating site to use. However, we can only vouch for a certain dating site having real users, not for the intentions of those users. Even the most famous dating sites can’t control all the people using them. This, in turn, does lead to unsuspecting users getting seriously hurt or even murdered. Even the law won’t be on the side of the victim, unfortunately. Thus, you will have to rely on yourself and think of ways to avoid danger and stay safe.

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Reviews aren’t everything.

Even before you go on a date

It is truly impossible to overstate the importance of staying safe on the internet. Unfortunately, many people have been stalked and attacked after revealing too many personal details on different profiles online. This is why you should make sure not to include any identifying personal information, such as your full name, address of your home or work, or even a club or gym you frequent. There truly is no reason for this information to be included on your dating profile.

A thing you should consider if you are planning to meet the person you’re talking to is how many personal data the site itself is demanding. Could someone make a profile with an email address only? Or does the site run background checks on its users? If the latter is the case, could you ask the support team to help you decide if you feel safe going on a date? This is why it’s important to research and compare different dating sites before you pick your favorite.

Staying safe while online dating: When and where to meet

It is okay to take some time to figure out if you trust a person enough to go out with them. Online dating is meant to allow you to meet people gradually and, more importantly – safely. Thus, you should take your time and get to know the person a little better before you decide to ask them out or accept that first date.

Video chat is a great option if you want to make sure the person is truly who they say they are. If they have nothing to hide and truly want to meet you, they have no reason to avoid this method of communication. The same can be said about sharing their social media account, such as Instagram. If they insist that they don’t want to video chat or share social media links, it could be a red flag, and we advise you to be careful.

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Learn to recognize the warning signs early on.

Time and place of the date itself is also very important. If you have decided to trust this person and meet in the real world, they shouldn’t have a problem with meeting in public and during the day. A coffee date is a great option because coffee places are public enough for you to be able to ask for help if the date goes badly, and yet quiet enough to have a conversation.

Try to time this first date so that it isn’t dark outside when you’re ready to head home. It would be good if the place you have chosen isn’t necessarily close to your home, so your date can’t follow you, but you can easily call a taxi or get to a bus or subway.

To sum it up

  • Don’t go to your first date at night
  • Don’t go close to your home
  • Pick a venue that has visitors all day long
  • Have a safe exit strategy
  • Most importantly – leave as soon as you feel uncomfortable

Safety in numbers

Online dating safety has become a part of many women’s everyday lives. If you are planning to meet a relative stranger from the internet, not telling anyone could be a grave mistake.

Tell a friend or family member where and when you are going, as well as when you expect to return. Set a time for them to call you for a check in. This way you can tell them everything is fine if you are comfortable with your date, or pretend you are being called for a business or family emergency if you are not.


We are trying to make online dating a pleasant and safe experience. For this reason, we have created our Dating Advice column. However, if we want to give safety advice, we must be aware that not everyone has a good support system.

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Don’t let them catch you unaware.

Unfortunately, some people don’t have anyone to check in on them, or can’t make a timely arrangement. In other cases, you may not feel safe enough to outright say you need to go. Unfortunately, sometimes people don’t get the chance to answer their phone. However, there are many apps that can help you. We recommend downloading one of them before you go on your first online date.

Here are some of our favorites:

These apps will allow you to send a distress signal either to your contacts or the authorities, share your location with them and record video and audio evidence of what is happening.

Stay safe!