Tips on how to pick the right dating site

Many people have turned to the internet to find love. This can be great, as this method of meeting new people can allow a person to start talking to someone they wouldn’t have a chance to meet otherwise. Still, we shouldn’t expect to just start online dating and find exactly whom we were looking for. Dating sites and apps shouldn’t be seen as the solution, but a tool to achieve your goal. Since people have different expectations and preferences for relationships, not every dating site will be great for everyone. Best Dating Sites Today is here to show you how to pick the right dating site for you.

How to pick the right dating site: Types of relationships

There should be no shame in dating, whether you are looking for someone to spend a single night or the rest of your life with. People have different needs and values, and look for different things. However, when two otherwise compatible people don’t want the same kind of relationship it can become the source of great pain. Using different dating sites and apps can put a stop to misunderstandings of this kind. If you are looking for someone for a very casual relationship, you should probably avoid matchmaking apps and sites. On the other hand, if you are planning to settle down, matchmaking is a great option for you, but you should steer clear from casual sex apps and sites.

A couple talking through video chat.
It is important to be on the same page right from the start!

Read reviews and testimonials

If you have found a great contender and are thinking about joining, you should probably still do some research about the site. Comparing the site with similar ones is a great first step.

Secondly, read a review of the site and try to find user testimonials if they are available online. This is especially important if you need to pay to use the site. Things you should look for in reviews include

  • The legitimacy of the site’s users
  • Costs
  • Features
  • Customer service
  • Ease of use

How to pick the right dating site: deal breakers

Some people are looking for a very specific type of person to date. This may be because they have a type, or because of their upbringing, religious background, or any other reason. Signing up to a site that caters to this type of demographic raises your chances of finding exactly the person you are looking for. Fortunately, there are many sites that do exactly that, and signing up to them instead of general online dating services can save you a lot of time.

However, deal breakers can be seemingly less important than a lifestyle, religion or background. Nonetheless, they are obviously crucial to you. Thus, you should find a dating site that allows you to easily make a distinction between the users that you would and wouldn’t date.

Illustration of two people having a date from the screens of their phones.
Transparency is a huge factor!

How to pick the right dating site: the sign up process

You can tell a lot about a site just by looking at its sign up form. The level of anonymity some sites allow users is great for some, but makes others wary to go out with the people they meet online. So, you should make sure the site can guarantee your safety with either a demanding sign-up form or some other identity verifying method.

Do you want to pay for a dating site, and how much?

Some people don’t have a problem with giving money to a dating site if it will give them access to a potential partner. Others, on the other hand, don’t find paying for this service acceptable. Think about whether you want to pay for a dating site or not – and don’t automatically assume free online dating services are less than.

How to pick the right dating site: communication

Think hard about the way you want to communicate with people through the dating service. It is very important for the communication system, whether it’s chat or long-form messages, to be reliable and safe. If you are thinking about whether to join dating sites or apps, the general rule of thumb is that dating sites will allow you to write longer messages, and apps rely on instant communication akin to text messages.

Illustration of a man sending emails and text messages from a laptop.
How and when do you want to communicate?

Another aspect to think about is whether you’d like to receive messages from anyone on the site/app, or only from the people you matched with. Of course, this means you will be either able or unable to send messages to anyone as well.

Final words

Choosing the perfect dating site is only the first step. This is to say, the process of finding people to actually date could take quite some time and drain you of energy. This is especially true if you have only started online dating. That is why it is important to allow yourself an adjustment period in which you can get used to the ways people communicate on that site.

Don’t expect everyone you talk to will be serious. Moreover, most people won’t. This is caused by the sheer number of people you can meet online. Some users tend to forget there is a real person on the other side of the screen. Thus, they expect people to take their behavior with no complaints. If you are being ghosted or the conversations aren’t going anywhere, you have every right to cut the person off.

If you are feeling overwhelmed and irritated by bad dates, you should probably take some time off the site. Then recover and come back when you’re ready.