Check Out Our Best Rated Dating Sites

In the sea of different dating sites and apps, some have earned worse reputation than others. That is why we want to celebrate the sites that remain honest, successful and caring about the user experience. So, without further ado - here are the best-ranked contenders of Best Dating Sites Today.

We want to make choosing the best dating site as easy as possible. That is why we established the following criteria for our top dating sites:


Are the profiles on the site real and active?


Is the site’s design intuitive? How easy is it to navigate it?


What does the site offer? Is there something innovative about it?


Is the support quick and responsive?

User satisfaction

Are the reviews by casual users positive or negative?

Credibillity: 7

Usability: 8

Features: 7

Support: 6

Overall experience: 7/10

Credibillity: 6

Usability: 8

Features: 6

Support: 7

Overall experience: 7/10

Credibillity: 5

Usability: 6

Features: 7

Support: 3

Overall experience: 5/10

Credibillity: 1

Usability: 5

Features: 4

Support: 4

Overall experience: 2/10

Credibillity: 3

Usability: 3

Features: 4

Support: 2

Overall experience: 3/10