Virtual dating tips for the coronavirus social distancing era

The coronavirus pandemic showed us how quickly the world can change when facing a global threat. Every aspect of modern life adapted – work, home life, school. Dating is not an exception either. For that reason, we’re here to give you best virtual dating tips for the coronavirus social distancing era.

Virtual dating tips: Don’t despair about being single while social distancing

None of us hoped for this. Lots of people are left alone at home, with no activities to occupy them. It’s absolutely normal to get lonely and want to talk to other people, and yes – find romance. You’re not alone, and shouldn’t think badly of yourself. We could have never known what’s coming. Online dating is at its peak right now. Maybe you’ve never tried it, or you did and it just didn’t like it. is here to give you some ideas on how to make virtual dating a great experience.

Virtual dating tips: Date ideas you can plan during coronavirus quarantine

The internet allows us to connect in ways that would have been unimaginable only few decades ago. Additionally, with the pandemic, many companies and organizations have made their content available online for free or at a lower price. Use their generosity and enjoy things you may not get to see otherwise, or just hang out together if you prefer that. All you need is a device with a camera and a good internet connection.

Illustration of two people sitting on a phone-shaped bed and texting.
Virtual dates can be something truly special!

Online museum tours

Many museums opened their virtual doors to the public. Explore them together from the comfort of your homes. Who knows, maybe you’ll want to go and see the real thing later.

Youtube concerts

Maybe you miss going to gigs, or you’re sad you’ll never be able to go to a Queen concert. Many iconic concerts from the past, as well as weekly quarantine shows from home are available online. Sing your hearts out and enjoy each other’s company.

Virtual dating tips: While we’re talking about music…

Some people were lucky enough to get a compilation cassette or CD from their high school sweethearts. Sharing a playlist you’ve made for your date can be equally romantic. Being introduced to new artists by someone you like is a truly special thing.

Make art together!

Give each other a keyword you have to draw. Your artistic talent really doesn’t matter, as long as you’re having fun.

Have a ”real” date

Get dressed up, cook or order some nice food and dedicate a video call to talking and getting to know each other. If you both agree, repeat it when you’re able to actually go out.

A keyboard with a red heart on the Enter key.
It doesn’t matter if you’re together or apart; talking always helps a relationship grow!

Virtual dating tips: Online Dating in a Pandemic

Let’s get serious for a second. The coronavirus pandemic is on everybody’s mind. We worry about everything – from our safety to work to mundane things. A date should help you get your mind off of these worries. Try not to talk only about the pandemic. Remember the good things in life and bond over positive experiences. You’re doing the responsible thing by social distancing and choosing to talk online. The prospect of an online date may look discouraging, but remember, in many relationships it’s the only option, regardless the epidemic. Additionally, those long distance relationships can and do work out. Now, find someone nice to talk to and have some fun!