What to wear on a first date – First date outfits that will leave a good impression

A first date is anxiety-inducing in and of itself. Looking beautiful is high on many people’s priority lists. Thus, not knowing what to wear just adds stress to an already stressful situation. And, above all – you’re supposed to have fun! Let’s talk about what to wear on a first date.

What To Wear On A First Date According To Science

Dating is hardly an exact topic. Everyone’s preferences are deeply personal and individual. Hence – it is difficult to draw universal conclusions. Fortunately, Best Dating Sites has taken the time to look at the scientific data and give you the short version.

What to wear on a first date – minimalist or eye-catching

The studies have shown two extremes to be especially successful on first dates when it comes to color choice. You can go either a completely minimalist route, or flaunt your looks. To put it differently – choose either black or red. Black makes you look sleek and elegant, and red has proved time and time again to attract the eye. Of course, a full red gown may be a bit too much (unless you’re ready to commit, in which case we applaud you), but don’t be afraid to add some red details to your outfit.

A woman wearing a black dress and hat against magenta background.
A black dress can make you look mysterious

What is ”moderate” anyway?

Science insists on wearing a moderate amount of makeup on a first date. We pose the question – what does ”a moderate amount of makeup” even mean? Many people have seen the confusion the no-makeup makeup has brought to men. Additionally, every woman and man who uses makeup doesn’t have the same skin type, needs or simply likes a certain amount of makeup. If you are comfortable with going absolutely bare-faced, and want to do it, do it. Maybe you, for example, have some skin discoloration or – this may be revolutionary – like wearing a lot of makeup – don’t be afraid to wear as much as you please. If they really like you, they won’t mind anyway.

Style Mistakes To Avoid On A First Date

Similarly to makeup, you should be able to wear things that make you feel good. Still, some rules have to be applied, but not in the way you think.

What to wear on a first date: The venue problem

As enticing as it is, don’t wear high heels to a cobbled stone street. Think about where you’re going while you’re planning your outfit. If your date suggested a venue you’ve never been to, google pictures of the place, see what people usually wear there and give it your own personal twist. Now, we are aware everyone has a different comfort level about sticking out, so if you’re more comfortable wearing exactly what’s expected of you, do it. You don’t want to think about other people’s opinions the whole time.

A couple in jackets holding hands and looking at a sunset.
We know you want to look great, but think aboutwhere you’re going first!

On the other hand, if you’re planning something truly outrageous, take your date’s comfort into consideration. Weather is another factor to think about. Are you going to be in an open space at night? Does it get cold? Will there be many people generating heat? Layers are your best friend in cases like these.

What to wear on the first date: Are you comfortable?

We have already established some people don’t feel good when they aren’t dressed appropriately. You should also take the necessary steps to feel physically comfortable as well. This means wearing clothes and especially shoes that fit. Consider the amount of time you’ll be spending out as well. If you choose something more tight (go you!) make sure you won’t need to spend hours in an uncomfortable garment. We have all been there, you know very well it only gets more painful the longer you wear it. This goes to a completely different level when it comes to shoes. Trust us, nothing is worth your sore feet. Additionally, pick clothes made of better quality material that breathes.

Hygiene is even more important than clothes

Ladies and gents, if you are trying to leave a great first impression, you need to make sure both your clothes and yourself are clean and smell good. Don’t skip any step and make your date as pleasant to all the senses as possible. However, this doesn’t mean bathing in cologne or perfume. Focus on your hygiene – hair, facial hair, face, body, clothes, and only then you can add an accent. When soap and perfume fight, soap always wins. Use deodorant and carry breath mints if you plan to smooch your date later on. And even if you don’t.

What It’s Like to Have First Dates Over Video Chat

In the last few months, many people had to resort to using video-chat instead of meeting up for a first date. Some have made dating online an art, so you shouldn’t lack ideas for what you’ll be doing. Even if you aren’t really on board with this type of date, or you haven’t been in the game for a while, you should be aware that it is the responsible choice to make. Of course, an online date can’t completely replace a real-life one, but it certainly can be fun. Also, it will take your mind off of the daily worries and general state of the world.

Woman wearing high heels.
Beauty may be pain, but there is also beauty in comfort.

Hence, you should allow yourself some time to get ready, look and feel good. If you’re video-chatting, worrying about your footwear is out the window right away. If you’re sure you won’t be getting up you can absolutely wear sweatpants to raise your comfort level. Still, putting effort into looking nice can lift your spirit and snap you out of your routine. Also, when it comes to video chat, you can take some additional steps to make yourself look better. Finally, you may not be wearing real pants, but you should still understand your angles and make your lighting work for you.

Whether it’s a date out in the real world, or online, you should try to make yourself happy with the way you look above all. Your comfort and confidence will shine through no matter what you wear.